Pool Closings & Weather Conditions

At the discretion of the facility manager, the waterpark may be closed during the following conditions:
                 Air temperature is at or below 69 degrees fahrenheit;
                At the sound of thunder, sight of lightening, or if heavy rain or any other condition  could                                                       jeopardize swimmers' safety*;
                 Mechanical failure;
                 Safety considerations
                 From time to time, the temperature may be above 69 degrees fahrenheit, however, weather                                                conditions may not be appropriate for swimming.

No refunds will be issued  if the waterpark closes early, however you may be eligible for a courtesy pass.

* From the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning, the pool will remain closed for at least 30 minutes. If the local weather forecast calls for continued thunderstorms, the Park may close for the rest of the day.

Courtesy Pass Policy
Refunds will NOT be issued for inclement weather. However, you may be eligible for a courtesy pass, which would allow you access to the waterpark on another day. To obtain a rain check, in  the event of a pool closure, please report to the admission counter. A courtesy pass is valid in the year in which it was issued. Please ask one of our friendly cashiers for further details.