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Intro To Fairmont's Waste Water Treatment Facility (pdf)

2010 Drinking Water Report (pdf)

Water Conservation Tips

Water Plant Preliminary 60% Design Drawings - January 2011 (pdf - huge)

Water Plant Taste & Odor Study - November 2009 (pdf)

Water Rate Increase

The Public Utilities Commission shall delegate the day-to-day operations of the utilities to the public utilities division, develop polices, procedures and plans to serve as guidelines to the public utilities division, in the performance of its tasks and roles, formulate policy, procedures and plans consistent with the overall goals and objective of the city determined by the City Council. The Commission will also recommend to the Council all agreements and contracts.

Bill Supalla
Jeff Ziemer
David Segar
Jeff Vetter
Councilor Gorath

City Staff Representatives: Director of Public Works; City Administrator; Assistant Finance Officer

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