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Welcome to the Martin County Historical Society! Our Mission is to preserve and share the history of Martin County by acquiring, conserving, appropriately displaying, and making it accessible for viewing, research, and educational purposes. We hope you enjoy the many features of our site; please contact us if you have any questions or requests. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy Martin County’s History!

MCHS Updates

October 14:

Autumn is in full swing, heralded in by the MCHS Annual Meeting held on the third Thursday of September every year. We had a very nice meal from Hy-Vee served by youth from St. Paul's Lutheran. Dori Hillestad-Butler was our speaker this year. She is a highly published, award-winning children's author. She spoke about lessons she has learned during her career and about the many different experiences she has had. We also said goodbye to Pastor Steve Berkeland whose second and final term as a Board member came to an end. We then welcomed a new board member, Jeff Hagen of the Photo Press; welcome Jeff! A special thank you to all involved that made the night special and to Pastor Berkeland for all he has done in his years on the board! Click on the photo below to see more from that special evening.

MCHS Annual Meeting 2014

Upcoming events: Our annual Board retreat tonight at 5pm, Fairmont Third Grade Visit Wednesday the 15th, and a Veteran's Presentation on the 28th (which everyone is invited to).

-James Marushin

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